Stablecoin Gateway

Octopy's service:

Octopy is used to accept cryptocurrencies, convert Cryptocurrency, and send Cryptocurrency to any address from your stablecoin gateway wallet.

Key features

Global payments

Send money to anyone through octopy regular coin gateway payment.

Easy to set up

Octopy Stablecoin is an easy-to-setup cryptocurrency gateway.

Auto conversion

Convert one Cryptocurrency into another

Multi-coin wallet

Accept multi-coin through the octopy stable coin payment gateway

Auto invoice

Send your customers a link to complete a payment in crypto

Cryptocurrency Vault

Octopy stable coin vaults are well known as DEFI

Send and receive over 2,315 cryptocurrencies in your octopy stablecoin wallet. Accept multi-coin through the octopy stable coin payment gateway.

Why businesses should use Octopy

Octopy holds the potential to help unlock the use of cryptocurrencies for day-to-day payments for businesses, and it provides fast and cheap alternative transactions.